Dead Island was born with the idea of ​​creating a unique and extremely exclusive ecosystem, accessible only to a small circle of 9999 people, in addition to the 150 genesis members. You can imagine Dead Island as the most exclusive and private destination in the entire Metaverse. Being accessible only by a small circle of people makes Dead Island ideal for those looking for exclusivity and unique virtual experiences. From this point of view you can see it as the evolution of travel in the digital age.

Today the luxury industry as a whole: luxury restaurants, luxury hotels, high fashion clothing, real estate and jewelry is worth over 1100 billion dollars, but something is changing ... more and more companies working in this field are moving their interest in the field of NFTs. In 2021, the global value of the NFT market jumped to $ 50.1 billion, thus suggesting that the Metaverse market could generate around $ 800 billion by 2024 (Bloomberg Intelligence data). This is where our idea of enclosing Metaverse, exclusivity and NFT in a single virtual island was born.


Dead Island will be divided into 4 large areas (jungle, mountain, volcano and sea) to ensure a diversity of habitats. On the border between the jungle and the beach will rise the most exclusive city of the Metaverse Dead Ape City. The island will be divided into land / cubes (10x10), offered for sale with staggered timing in different segments, some intended for green areas, others for building areas, where it will be possible to build your own residence and commercial activities. On the other hand, those who simply want to browse around the island will not need to own any land.

The lots will be divided as the following:

• JUNGLE LAND: divided into 1 000 000 cubes (the largest habitat on the island)

• LAND MOUNTAINS: divided into 500,000 cubes

• LAND BEACH: divided into 500,000 cubes

• TERRA VULCANO: divided into only 250,000 cubes (the most exclusive habitat)

Owners of the genesis Dead Ape Clubs will be entitled to 5 land cubes each.

Each villa will require a minimum of 15 cubes of land for its construction, do not worry you will not have to build it yourself, different types of villas will be produced and proposed by our team and sold in the appropriate marketplace. Of course they are all customizable on request.


The following structures will be built on the island by our team, in order to have an island already functioning at the time of the sale of the land:

• DEAD APE CLUB: the club is the meeting place where DACs usually spend their time amidst fun and business discussions.

• SHOPS: stores are the place where DACs go to buy new outfits to wear. Our goal is to find clothing brands that are willing to sell their super exclusive products in collaboration with Dead Ape Club.

• DISCO: this is the place where the DACs spend their evenings having fun: in the future it will be possible to organize events with DJs willing to bring their performance to the Metaverse.

• BEACH: obviously one of the favorite destinations of the DACs.

• BAR: located on the beach.

Additional resources, such as restaurants, clubs, golf courses, tennis courts, racetrack, concert amphitheater and more, will be implemented later.

The minting of an official island currency, which will be distributed to the owners of commercial activities, is also being evaluated.


There are several ways to make money through our project:

• Resale of the Dead Ape on the secondary market to wealthy people who want to visit the island and be part of our exclusive club.

• Resale of designer items, purchased during collaborations with well-known brands, on the secondary market of

• We are also evaluating an additional form of income: the renting of the DAC by the owner to those curious visitors, who otherwise would not have access to the island. This point will be developed and implemented following a survey via Twitter and Discord, only if the community agrees.

• Resale of the land needed to build the various structures. Many companies that want to take advantage of the metaverse trend and the hype that is riding it will be interested in buying land for advertising purposes.


There are several advantages to keeping a Dead Ape:

• A great treasure will be hidden on the island (seed phase of a Wallet containing a juicy prize) and only DAC owners will be able to search and find it.

• Right to move freely throughout the island and to explore all the areas from which it consists.

• Ability to participate in exclusive events to be held on the island.

• The right to build one's home in the most exclusive metaverse of all metaverses, thereby increasing one's social status.

• Access to drops of designer items during collaborations.

Further benefits will be unlocked upon the implementation of the official metaverse currency.


Many NFT collections that offer nothing but shoddy, old-fashioned design reach mind-boggling prices. We leave it to your imagination where our project can go.


Our team, unlike that of many NFT projects, is extremely open to discussion with the community in order to improve the experience on the island day by day.


The island will be developed as a real metaverse with a very realistic style, the development of which will require an investment of several million dollars. We in the team are sure that we will be able to amaze you.

The proceeds from the sale of the land will be fully invested in the development and planning of the island. In order for the island to be developed, at least 133,333 pieces of land will have to be sold. We plan to sell each cube at a price of € 15.